mercredi 22 juin 2011


si sa interresse des funky pour des echanges de funk rare 198's faite signe ... J'ai plein de son dans cette liste si sa interressse quelqu'un faite signe sur msn

Exodus Supreme - Steppin' In The Future LP 1986

Genius - We Danced All Night 12INCH

Willie O - Cosmic Ride 12INCH 1986

A Stroke Of Luck - I'm In Love With You / She's So Fine 7inch 1986

Ben Jackson - Never Get Enough (Of Your Love) 12INCH

Stalactite - Do Me Like You Do 12INCH

Alfreda King - You Know That I Want You Baby 7INCH

Carl A Wilson - Earthquake / Sophie 7INCH 1986

Another Beginning - Love Time / Let Your Hair Down Ladies 7INCH

Starz - My Secret World 1986

Rahmlee - Keep On Gettin' Down (Now Is The Time)

Rise Featuring John Castellano - (Ooh,I) Love My Baby

Elan - Personality

Elayne Coleman & Andrew Kitchen - Attack Of The Boogie

Thad Bosley - No Greater Love

Billa - Love Connection

Leo & Sherry - You Are My Everything

Leroy Ace Miller - Hook Me / Sneak Previews

Gregg Brown* - Baby Talk

All Directions - Boom / Lovely Girl

Mushi Mushi - I Been Watching You

Hanley & Kane - Go Girl

Jesse Green - Your Love

Robert Gennari - Where Were You / I'll Give You Love

Lustre - Better Days / Peppermint

Art Beat - Don't Take The World

Creative Power - My World / Creative Power

Foster - Starting Over

Gregg Wackson - Saïda

Cyn - Come To Me Lover / Call Of The Wild

Dave Asberry - Work

Chocolate Buttermilk Band, The - Chill's

Derrick - Take It Out

Sir Dre - Party Lights / Go For What You Know

Felix James - I'm So Glad You Are Here

Changing Faces - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

Spoilers - How You Like Me Now That I Changed

Air Way - Too Hot For Love / Love Flight

Clique, The - If I Were A King / Tempting Eyes

Dave Cochrane - Why Do I

Wilkie And The Wayy - Everybody's Crazy In The Hood / It Only Happens Once

Chain Reaction - My Girl / Money Won't Buy My Love

Haz - My True Love (You Are To Me) / Prelude To Paradise

Doug Anthony - Love Marathon / Lovemaker

foxworth & DeJam Featuring Shanté - Lover

MOST WANTED - I Like It 1989

JOAN CRAWFORD - Do It In Detroit 1984


Broke 1987



THUNDERFLASH - Revelations 1983

SUZI - Love In The Fast Lane EP 1988


Is Here 2 Stay 1987

DAVE ASBERRY - Work 1986


Myself 1986


Still 1988

PLUTO - Rhythm Of The City 1988

SPIRIT - We Can Make It 1989

KIRK JONES nothing bout us' 7 ' 85

DUNCAN BUTLER – changes of loves (87 bud)

curtis gadson – listen to my heart 1989

steve sems - in the light - glorious rec.1986

big bang jam - party just starting - mechanical rec. 1986

magical steel ensemble - dancing twist 1987

spirit blue-stranger-86(maxi)

Jeffrey Campbell: "It's Hot" b/w "Chalden--Love's Burning" 12" (1985)

Crosswind/Kontrol: "Get Ready" b/w "Love's Tearing Me Apart" 12" (1987)

GINA - paradise/GERARD - feel like letting go (budweiser 1986)

BARRY SMITH She's My Lady 87

PROFESSOR LETT & STUDY - we oughta get together (86)

JACKSONIANS - laugh (1986) Maxi 45t

Ironing Board Sam - original funky bell bottoms (1985)( Styletone Records)

HOUSEBAND - dancing shoes 84'

Larry "T-BIRD" Gordon & Soul Blenders ° is it because i'm black? (°Movin' Records°)(°1988°)

JO ANN GARRETT - can you deal with that(Duo Records) (198!)

JIMMIE 'PREACHER' ELLIS - put your hoe to my row (Hip-Delic Records (85'))

ZENDA - am i losing you

ULTRASONIC - hot water


STARQUEST - love struck (1987) (NEEDLE IN THE GROOVE)

SHAR - low down and dirty (1986)

SHIRLEY MILLER i must go on 33T


rachel cousin - you give me so much 88 maxi

QUANTUM - love song (1985)

PUSH - into my life 7'' 8!

NU BREED sing it (short version long version) MAXI 33T

MONIQUE FEAT. T.C. JENKINS - caught red handed,has somebody else lovin' you (1987)

Michelle Goulet - Stop And Think

MICHAEL FOSTER - never wanna lose your love 33t 8!

LOUIS LAMB - Street Runner (1980's)

LACY reed -- it's just a crush

JODAN - Too Hot Too Touch SIGNATURE 86 12inch

JAY DOUBLE YOU - talkin to myself 85 maxi

INDULGE AND UNIQUE JACKSON - i wanna next to you 12''(8!)

HOT ICE & DONNA NATSON take a chance_ MAXI 33T

HENRY THOMAS AND RISE my dreams are clouded_ 7INCH (SP) (1984)

FT. KNOX ENTERPRISES the chill_ baby show_ 7INCH (SP) (1987)

DONEL RUSH - 365 days maxi

DERRICK - take it out (1986) maxi

tutt band lp 88

CHRISTINA - say you're my lover (1988)

CHARLES HAYES he'll be your friend _ he's the guiding light_ MAXI 33T

BUNNY SIGLER - juvenile 12'' 86

BRADFORD - faraway lady maxi

black honeywell band - Bowfield (1986)

ANDREW OLIVER - you're so city (45rpm 80)

AMBIANCE II FUSION - boy what a joy (maxi)

TABBU - toy (1988) lp

ART BEAT - don t take the world (1986) lp

FELTON PILATE - can't get e'nuff (1987) lp

mcfadden & whitehead-show me th money-1984

orphans-in the city-1984

robert s -1980's rare lp gospel super album

cheek to cheek-can't buy love-1986

colors of lccgg-private lp-1980's


denise rudolph-take my hand-1988

kiichi yokoyama-1987

martin nievera-the best gift-1984

david import-hot hot hot-1982

onyeka onwenu-in the morning light-1984

barbara soky-going places-1986

lynn roman lp de 1987

starbreaker-same-lp 1989

t.j-i could never love another-198!

elect-the time is now-1989

calvin b rhone-intimate friend-1983

rick sheppard-deeper in love-1984

michael fazio-for myself-1986 maxi:

the bof band-you entered my life-1985

calvin saleem muhammad-hail to the skins/answers of our hearts-1986

rahmlee-now is the time-1985

buggs durrant-gonna make your body get up-1982

haywood tucker-special kind of love modern soul

rufus & roots-million dollar baby-198!

lenny hines-don't let me go-198!

nile????? maxi

jimmy s-i can feel it-1985

arejay-don't make me wait too long for you/kansas city girl-1983

tim townsend-don't give up on love-198!


debbie taylor steele-just say no-198!

savers-let me know/where should i go

boe brown-dancer man-1985

hammy haze-lucky/live in love-1987(rich rec)

beau miller-family affair-198!

lic-shari-198! mi tempo)

count christopher-wanted for love-1986